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Industrial Gases Selection Guide: Types, Features, Applications

Introduction   Industrial gases consist of a large number of chemical products that are in a gaseous or liquid form at ambient temperature and are extensively used for industrial purposes. Industrial gases mainly comprise elements, molecular compounds, or mixtures. They…

Calibration Gas Mixture Accuracy Determination

There are many tools and equipment that rely on calibration gas mixtures to provide accurate measurements.  That is why it is important that calibration gas mixtures are procured accurately.  Here is how you can determine the accuracy of a calibration…

Industrial Gases – Different Types of Industrial Gases and its Uses

Industrial gases are used in most industrial activities. The applications and purposes are therefore very diverse. This is why the needs of professional industrial gas users vary considerably. There are many products, supply methods, and other solutions for industrial gases….

How Industrial Gases Are Used To Innovate In Manufacturing

The gaseous materials that are specially manufactured for exclusive use in various industries are called industrial gases, which mainly include oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and acetylene. These gases play a crucial role in several manufacturing industries such…

How To Select Industrial Gas Pressure Regulators: 3 Major Factors To Consider

While selecting the right industrial gas pressure regulators, several points should be considered for the best results. Just knowing which gas is to be used is not enough. You require a lot of knowledge before selecting the right gas pressure…

High Pressure Industrial Gases

How To Handle Industrial Gas Cylinders: 5 Tips To Ensure Optimum Safety

Industrial gas cylinders are very useful for the storage of various gases of commercial and medical value. They are widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, R&D, labs, construction and food industries. These highly sophisticated cylinders store gases such as nitrogen,…

8 Ways the Gas Industry is Using Sustainable Technologies more Effectively

Gas industries are slowly moving towards a more sustainable technology to reduce their carbon footprints to a large extent. With industrial gas suppliers throughout the globe taking more precautions and installing sustainable technology, we can hope for a more refined…

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