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Single stage gas pressure regulator

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Double stage gas pressure regulator
How to choose the correct type of regulator for your purpose : Here we would like to explain to our customers about gas pressure regulators. In the process of regulator selection, the application needs to be defined with consideration given not only to the pressure requirements but also to the flow rate, gas/liquid composition, and temperature. Proper selection can help to avoid undesirable conditions such as droop and creep, improper pressure control, and contamination of gas streams. Once the appropriate type of regulator has been identified, based on the application, attention should be given to the materials of construction (MOC). The same regulator may be outfitted with different materials for critical components such as diaphragms and poppet seats, to ensure the safe and proper functioning of the regulator over time. The high-pressure gas regulators are of two types i.e. Single Stage & Two Stages.

Single Stage and Double stage Regulator : There are 2 basic Gas Pressure Regulators are available in the market. We request our customers to consider choosing between a single and double-stage industrial gas regulator. It depends on the variation in the inlet pressure supply. The manner in which a regulator adjusts to variations in the high-pressure supply is known as the supply pressure effect (SPE). In short, Single pressure regulators are suitable for most applications where the inlet pressure is relatively constant, whereas the high-pressure supply is subject to large variations, a two-stage regulator with a low SPE will provide the most stable, low-pressure delivery.

Piston type Regulator : Piston type Gas Pressure regulators are generally used in applications with outlet pressures higher than 35 bar, although they may also be suitable for lower pressures.

The Series 100 regulators from PortaGas are designed to maintain constant flow rates so you get real accurate monitor calibrations even as the cylinder pressure drops.

  • Knurled ON/OFF knob for easy grip with or without gloves
  • Rotate knob for audible ON/OFF click
  • No set screw on the knob, meaning the knob won’t strip out
  • Wide diaphragm design for precise flow control even as the cylinder pressure changes
  • Finer graduations for precise reading of cylinder contents
  • Stainless steel gauge
  • All wetted surfaces have proprietary passivated coating to ensure non-reaction with calibration gas
  • Wide choice of outlets and inlets available
  • Side outlet prevents tubing from kinking
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