How To Handle Industrial Gas Cylinders: 5 Tips To Ensure Optimum Safety

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Industrial gas cylinders are very useful for the storage of various gases of commercial and medical value. They are widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, R&D, labs, construction and food industries. These highly sophisticated cylinders store gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and they can be extremely dangerous if not stored and handled properly. Therefore, it is important to follow safety protocols while dealing with these cylinders to avoid any accident or injury. 

Here are the 5 Safety Tips to Handle Industrial Gas Cylinders:

  • Get Proper Training

Handling a portable gas cylinder daily is not an easy task. It requires a thorough knowledge of various gases, their contents, methods of storing, transporting and lifting them in a safe way to avoid any leak and accident. Make sure you get proper training from your supervisor so that you are confident and alert to handle them. 

  • Know the Cylinder and its Contents

Every gas has unique properties and each one of them requires specific maintenance. Always understand what type of cylinder you are handling, its characteristics, storage, toxicity and flammability. 

Read the label of the cylinder which will give you a clear idea about its content, temperature and pressure maintenance. Do not use the cylinder if the label is not readable and if you see any damage to the cylinder or discolouration, report it to your supervisor.  

  • Store the Cylinders Safely

Storage is probably the most important safety aspect for an industrial gas cylinder. Ensure the cylinders are kept in an upright position and are stored in a dry, well-ventilated area away from any flammable materials. Do not store different types of gas cylinders in one room. 

Make sure the valves are completely closed. Cylinders should be secured with straps or chains. Empty cylinders should be kept away from the full ones. Every storage facility needs to display SOPs and Dos and Don’ts to maintain safe storage conditions and avoid any hazardous events. 

  • Be Cautious While Lifting and Moving the Cylinders

Unfortunately, major accidents occur during the lifting and transportation of industrial gases. Be patient while moving these cylinders. Hurry only makes things worse. Handle cylinders in such a way that they don’t hit each other and don’t fall. Ensure they are properly strapped and capped to avoid any leakage. Use recommended lifting equipment and vehicles to transport them safely. Never lift a cylinder by its valve. 

  • Always Wear Safety Equipment

Personnel safety is most important while handling hazardous materials. All staff should always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gas masks, boots, safety glasses, etc. It is also recommended to conduct health-check ups on the staff regularly to ensure they are protected. 

Handling an industrial gas cylinder requires alertness and extreme precaution. Follow these tips and create a safe environment at your facility. 

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