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We meet individual gas requirements with cylinders!

Calibration gases must always be transported carefully in disposable gas bottles or gas cylinders, ideal for onsite calibration of gas detectors and mobility. We offer world-class gas transportation systems (cylinders and accessories) routinely used for combustible and toxic gases. As per our clients’ requirements, we offer our products in high and low-pressure cylinders, keeping properties of gas in mind. As calibration gas specialists, we keep in mind characteristics and volume requirements before determining the right supply mode.

Common gases like argon, helium, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen are compressed into cylinders to at least 150 bars as standard. For optimum safety, these cylinders are manufactured from aluminium and carbon steel alloys that withstand high pressure. However, fuel gases usually get supplied in the form of liquid at room temperature, so they are kept in composite aluminium or steel cylinders with thin walls. Acetylene, because of its properties, must be stored in cylinders that contain a porous mass within which the gas is contained in a carrier solvent. As a result, these cylinders are heavier for manual handling.

How do we maintain safety standards?

We always maintained stringent quality and safety standards for our industrial gas cylinders, fitted with shut-off valves to ensure safe and proper storage of the gas. Also, this promotes controlled gas release when required. We also work with several valve models, functionalities and designs to complement individual and pressurized gas requirements. The shut-off valve has a regulator attached to reduce pressure for safe gas withdrawal. In addition, we ensure the outlet thread of the valve is approved by national and international standards.

If you’re looking for low-volume applications, we have small, disposable/portable calibration gas cylinders that are equally affordable. Again, we follow the standards prescribed by the PESO / CCOE and ISO or equivalent.

Containers are available in several sizes!

Gas cylinders come in different sizes, which are generally measured as the package’s water capacity. Your right choice of product depends on factors such as flow rate and consumption, and our experts would be happy to help you out. As with our large specialty products, we follow the same procedure to follow our small, disposable, and portable gas cylinders. Our regular gas cylinders are used in process analyzer, research and development (R&D), and emissions analysis applications.

We have a range of calibration gas cylinders to ensure the quality of the gas detection device measurements. The gas detector’s calibration involves injecting a particular concentration of calibration gas directly into the detection sensors of the instrument. For example, we have equipment for portable gas cylinders, combustible gas detectors, toxic gas detectors, electronic breathalyzers, freon gas detectors (refrigerant gas), and modified atmosphere analyzers (MAP). In addition, calibration gas cylinders are used to perform regular maintenance and bump tests on the gas equipment.

We offer integrated cylinder packages!

Regarding clients that buy products in bulk, we offer integrated gas cylinder packages for safety and easy handling. For example, we include a guard, regulator, and valve along with our ready cylinders with high-volume requirements. Also, we offer a range of features that provide gas users with a streamlined experience by raising ergonomics, safety standards, and performance.

For applications requiring more capacities than what is commonly obtained by single cylinders, supply bundles (multiple cylinders that are palletized and connected) are supplied. Also, we offer small transportable liquid tanks for custom gas supply solutions.

We have gone digital!

At Alchemie Gases & Chemicals, we order, track and manage industrial gas cylinders using digital services. Our innovative cylinder management services bring higher control, cost-efficiency, and safety to the business. Using insights and tools, you can analyze rotation patterns and usage to optimize the holdings, reduce wastage and track missing cylinders.

Get in touch with us at Alchemie Gases & Chemicals for more detailed information.

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0.5 Ltrs Canisters with C-10 valve

Cylinder capacity MOC Height without valve weight without valve Test Pressure Working Pressure
0.5 Ltrs Aluminium 295 mm 300 Kg/Cm2 225 Kg/cm2

0.5 ltrs canister with needle valve

0.5 Ltrs. Aluminium 210 mm 0.240 kg 75 kg/cm2 50 Kg/cm2
0.5Ltrs. Aluminium 235mm 0.550 kg 225 kg/cm2 100 Kg/cm2

3 ltrs Cylinder

3 Ltrs Aluminium 470 mm 3.1 kgs 225 kg/cm2 150 Kg/cm2
3 Ltrs Carbon Steel 470 mm 6.0 Kgs 250 kg/cm2 150 kg/cm2

10 ltrs Cylinder

10 Ltrs Aluminium 515 mm 9.4 Kgs 225 Bar 150 Bar
10 ltrs Carbon Steel 865 mm 15.2 Kgs 250 Bar 150 Bar

47 Ltrs. Cylinder

47 Ltrs. Cylinder
47 Ltrs. Carbon Steel 1370 mm 54 Kgs. 250 Bar 150 Bar

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