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0.5 Ltrs Canisters with C-10 valve
Cylinder capacityMOCHeight without valveweight without valveTest PressureWorking Pressure
0.5 LtrsAluminium295 mm300 Kg/Cm2225 Kg/cm2
0.5 ltrs canister with needle valve
0.5 Ltrs.Aluminium210 mm0.240 kg75 kg/cm250 Kg/cm2
0.5Ltrs.Aluminium235mm0.550 kg225 kg/cm2100 Kg/cm2
3 ltrs Cylinder
3 LtrsAluminium470 mm3.1 kgs225 kg/cm2150 Kg/cm2
3 LtrsCarbon Steel470 mm6.0 Kgs250 kg/cm2150 kg/cm2
10 ltrs Cylinder
10 LtrsAluminium515 mm9.4 Kgs225 Bar150 Bar
10 ltrsCarbon Steel865 mm15.2 Kgs250 Bar150 Bar
47 Ltrs. Cylinder
47 Ltrs.Carbon Steel1370 mm54 Kgs.250 Bar150 Bar
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