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rare-gas-purifierMP-2000 General Description
The MP-2000 is a stand-alone unit for the purification of argon or any of the other rare gases: helium, neon, xenon and krypton. It offers a compact system for delivery of purified gas directly to the point-of-use. The purifier contains two reactive getter tubes and a molecular sieve drier tube housed in a cabinet for immediate use. Just plug into the local AC power supply, connect the gas and purge the lines, turn on the power and you are up and running.

For flow rates up to 8 litres per minute and inlet pressures up to 250 psig (17 bar), the MP-2000 will remove the impurities, i.e. oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and moisture (typically present in the range of 30-50vpm) in commercially available rare gases down to a concentration of less than 1 vpm in total.

When introduced in year 2000 MP-2000 offered several new features and benefits over the previous model. The new LCD display provides information on instrument status, elapsed furnace hours and improved information on any fault condition. There is no loss of furnace heating due to temporary loss of mains power. Relay contacts are provided for remote indication of purifier status and a microcontroller alarm system is provided to warn of heater control failure, thermocouple faults or low gas pressure (with optional pressure sensor).

The MP-2000 has been designed on a modular basis to make the operation, servicing and maintenance by the user very simple. From time to time the user has to replace the getter tubes and the molecular sieve drier tube when they become exhausted. The getter tubes can be removed from the purifier through the top of the enclosure by simply undoing a couple of gas connections. The drier tube is equally easy to remove from the front of the enclosure. The entire tube replacement procedure is very simple and quick. All parts are available as spares on a quick delivery basis either direct from Sircal or from your local agent

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